Cyrusmaster is an LDAP enabled Cyrus IMAP server administering tool with a web based frontend.
In fact, Cyrusmaster is the administration environment used for the University of Athens email architecture and thus it is tightly dependent on the architecture's other components. (See Dependencies & Requirements section)

Cyrusmaster is not just another port of cyradm to a web interface.
It is a full email service architecture which extends some of the features Cyrus delivers. It was created bearing in mind large email installations with hundreds of thousands of users and hence it is ideal for Internet Service Providers, University campus setups and large corporate networks.

Cyrusmaster uses an LDAP server to store data such as user attributes, shared folder properties, access permission information and variours other metadata used for its function.

Cyrusmaster has been developed by the University of Athens, Email Development Team.


17.9.2004 : Cyrusmaster sources are released under GPL version 2 Licence.
4.2.2004 : Cyrusmaster demo site is online again.
27.1.2004 : New Screenshots were added in the screenshot section.
26.9.2003 : The Cyrusmaster project moved to new servers. The demo site will be down for a while.
16.5.2003 : Check out Cyrusmaster at the new live demo site.
12.1.2003 : A screenshots section has been added to the Cyrusmaster homepage.

Intended Audience

The intended audience is the Cyrus IMAP server administrators. As it has been said above, Cyrusmaster was created, having in mind large email service installations. Nevertheless, it may run flawlessly in sites with less users.

Features and Services

Some of the most imporant features Cyrusmaster delivers are briefly listed here.


You can view some screenshots from Cyrusmaster.

Dependencies & Requirements

Cyrusmaster is not a piece of software that may be installed out of the box and interact with any Cyrus IMAP server. Cyrusmaster is part of a whole architecture, consisting of several projects developed here at the University of Athens.

Development Status & Release Information

Current development status is beta.
At the moment, it is in production use at the University Of Athens and behaves very stably.

A public version of Cyrusmaster will be released under the GPL version 2 license. It is planned to be released within the next couple of months.


Currently Cyrusmaster is in its infancy. This means it has some limitations and shortcomings. The most important of them are :


Cyrusmaster demo installation

But what do you need some screenshots, when you may have interactive access to Cyrusmaster ?

Take a look at Cyrusmaster's capabilities at the new demo installation information page.
Or directly at https://webadm.edunet.gr.


For questions, suggestions, requests or anything else would be useful for the project, you may contact the Cyrusmaster developers at email at edunet.gr. More information and contact details can be found at the contact page.