I get a lot of emails from people, asking where they can download Cyrusmaster from and how they can install it. The answer here is not very simple. And this is because Cyrusmaster is not a piece of software that may be installed out of the box and interact with any Cyrus IMAP server. Cyrusmaster is part of a whole architecture, consisting of several projects developed here at the University of Athens. First and foremost Cyrusmaster is strongly coupled with a patched version of Cyrus and not the standard Cyrus version.

This patched version of Cyrus provides Cyrusmaster with a lot of extended features and makes the IMAP server more "LDAP friendly". So, downloading only Cyrusmaster and not our Cyrus would mean absolutely nothing for your site. Moreover, Cyrusmaster has strong dependencies on the needed LDAP schema and the Sendmail SMTP server. Other SMTP servers may be used, on the condition that they provide certain necessary features. However, no other SMTP server than Sendmail has been tested. Finally, Cyrusmaster has been tested only with the OpenLDAP LDAP server.

Sources availability

Of course, anything needed to install Cyrusmaster like patches for Cyrus, LDAP schema, installation instructions etc will be available, as soon as Cyrusmaster is ready for download.