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Official Releases

All work is released in the form of Squirrelmail Plugins. This means that the functionality can be installed in any recent version, stable or development, of Squirrelmail. Wherever there is need for a patch or a special installation step, this is declared in the installation instructions.

All released Squirrelmail plugin downloads

Other available downloads

Subversion Code Repository

Squirrelmail plugins that have been released are available for download from our public Subversion repository.

In order to download the current code of the project that you are interested in, first you need to locate the path of the project. Browse the subversion repository to find the project you are interested in, or just follow the instructions of the corresponding plugin. Then, checkout the latest sources as follows:

svn co https://email.uoa.gr/repos/squirrelmail/PATH LOCAL_DIRECTORY


For instance, to checkout the latest source code for "Avelsieve", use this line:

svn co https://email.uoa.gr/repos/squirrelmail/avelsieve/main_plugin/trunk avelsieve

However, for the "imapmetadata" project, you will need this line:

svn co https://email.uoa.gr/repos/squirrelmail/plugins/imapmetadata/trunk imapmetadata