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Cyrus IMAP Patches Patches for Cyrus imapd:
  • Autocreate Inbox patch
  • Various quota patches for Cyrus: rmquota, deletemailbox
  • AutoSieveFilter - Create on demand folder, requested by sieve filter
  • Autoreply patch
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Cyrusmaster An LDAP enabled Cyrus IMAP server administering tool with a web based frontend. GPLv2 Limited
Avelsieve Avelsieve is a Squirrelmail plugin for creating Sieve mail filtering scripts on a Sieve-compliant mail server. GPLv2 Trac Site
Squirrelmail Plugins Enhancements and plugins for Squirrelmail webmail software, including:
  • ldapuserdata: LDAP Prefs Backend
  • imapmetadata: Implementation of IMAPMetadata RFC
  • useracl: A front-end to setting ACLs in IMAP folders
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Directory "Directory" is a web front-end to a White Pages LDAP server, written in PHP. It can work as a Squirrelmail plugin or as a standalone application. GPLv2 Limited
Sendmail Sendmail Milters:
  • URI-milter is a simple and lightweight milter with one single purpose: Check the mail body for Spam URIs using several SURBLs.
  • Repfilter checks and fixes different errors in the From headers of outgoing mail. The goal is to place restrictions on how users present themselves through their emails.
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Tomcat OCSP A patch for Apache Tomcat6 that makes it possible to check certificates via OCSP, with tcnative and apr.    
LdapSignup LdapSignup is a set of PHP scripts that allows users to signup / register an account on an LDAP server. It provides basic security features like CAPTCHA and allows verification with token sent via e-mail. GPLv2 Trac Site
CASLogin for Piwik CASLogin is a plugin for Piwik Open Source Web Analytics, which allows authentication against a CAS (Central Authentication Services) server.    


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