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User Agreement

This User Agreement summarizes the important rules we are following when deploying this Mail Service. The email service administrators will do their best to ensure that the rules laid out below are adhered to.

I will not use this service in any way associated with SPAM (unsolicited commercial mailings) including:

If I violate this agreement I subject myself to legal action.

I will not use the Service for commercial purposes.

I will not use the Service for any fraudulent activity.

I will not use the Service for any illegal activity.

I will not send mail bombs (sending the same mail to thousands of people individually).

I will not send emails that are considered offensive or insulting.

Users of the mail system should be aware that there can be no guarantees given concerning the privacy of dispatched e-mail. Misaddressed or poorly addressed mail may be delivered to the wrong person or be handled by an unknown postmaster at another site.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Network Operations Centre, gives no undertaking to guarantee the privacy of e-mail.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Network Operations Centre, will do its best to reserve the privacy of any personal information you might supply, and will not disclose any of them, including the email address you provide us with. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

In order to protect the service, the administrators of the Mail service reserve the right to intercept e-mail messages and examine any e-mail communications at any time, in the course of performing their duties as administrators of the Mail service.

By clicking on "I agree", you claim to fully understand and agree to the Terms of Service as well as the statements above.

Limits and Constraints

In order to protect the services from abuse, the following automatic constraints are enforced:

To assist you with not exceeding the above restrictions, the servers will provide meaningful and helpful error messages when an action is not allowed.