Re: Patch for autocreate Patch
by: Aristotelis <>, @ Mon, 19 Jan 2009 18:26:29 +0200

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
> Hi,


Thanks for using our patch and finding it useful.

> find attached a tiny patch against:
> to silence a compiler waring about a missing return statement. Please
> consider it for inclusion.

Thanks for your patch. Although since the function mycanonuser calls
fatal which never really returns, and we could use a gcc attribute to
define this i believe that your patch is more standard and will be
included in future releases of our patch.

> BTW, has it ever been tried to submit the autocreate patch to CMU for
> upstream inclusion? It seems to be widely used among cyrus-imapd users
> and it would ease maintenance a lot if that feature would be available
> in the CMU sources.

It is true that it is common among cyrus users. (There are many users
that use our patch and don't even know it because it is part of their
cyrus package distributer). We have tried to submit it to CMU for
upstream inclusion but:
1) CMU already has it's own mechanism of user mailbox creation so it is
not something really useful for them.
2) The patch doesn't support MURDER environments. There has been a
discussion in cyrus-devel about this support, but it got stuck since the
MUPDATE RFC has no support for the functionality needed for the
autocreate patch to operate. (You can search the cyrus-devel archives to
see the discussion)

Best Regards,