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Sieve Capabilities Implemented

Capability Name:Defined in Document:Notes:Since Avelsieve Version:
fileintoRFC 5228: Sieve Base spec
envelopeRFC 5228: Sieve Base spec
imapflags draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-03Just a checkbox "mark as deleted", no real implementation of IMAP Flags
imap4flagsRFC 5232: IMAP4Flags Sieve ExtensionSee also: RFC 3501 Section
rejectSieve Base spec (RFC 3028)Implementation based on RFC 3028, but is compatible with newer RFC 5429: Reject and Extended Reject Extensions
bodyRFC 5173: Body Extension
vacationRFC 5230: Vacation Extension
relationalRFC 5231: Relational ExtensionUI exists for Match Type "VALUE"; see also #70
date RFC 5260: Date and Index Extensions1.9.9
index RFC 5260: Date and Index Extensions1.9.9

Other Standards