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#266 Multiple "Curent Date / Time", "Specific Date" selection greyed & error Frontend / UI 1.9.10 defect 04/09/10

When you set a first specific date to something eg "Before (<=)", "2010-05-10" and after that click "More..." and set another one to "After (>=)", "2010-05-01". The "Specific Date" box for the second rule will be greyed out and produce an error.

I verified this for 1.9.9 and svn as of today.

# This script has been automatically generated by avelsieve # (Sieve Mail Filters Plugin for Squirrelmail) # Warning: If you edit this manually, then the changes will not # be reflected in the users' front-end! #AVELSIEVE_VERSIONYTo0OntzOjU6Im1ham9yIjtpOjE7czo1OiJtaW5vciI7aTo5O3M6NzoicmVsZWFzZSI7aTo5O3M6Njoic3RyaW5nIjtzOjU6IjEuOS45Ijt9 #AVELSIEVE_CREATED1270550004 #AVELSIEVE_MODIFIED1270800843 require ["fileinto","envelope","reject","vacation","imap4flags","relational","comparator-i;ascii-numeric","regex","body","date"]; #START_SIEVE_RULEYTo1OntzOjQ6ImNvbmQiO2E6MTp7aTowO2E6NTp7czo0OiJraW5kIjtzOjc6Im1lc3NhZ2UiO3M6NDoidHlwZSI7czo2OiJoZWFkZXIiO3M6NjoiaGVhZGVyIjtzOjE2OiJYLVZpcnVzLUluZmVjdGVkIjtzOjk6Im1hdGNodHlwZSI7czoyOiJpcyI7czoxMToiaGVhZGVybWF0Y2giO3M6MTU6IlZpcnVzIERldGVjdGVkISI7fX1zOjQ6InR5cGUiO3M6MToiMSI7czo5OiJjb25kaXRpb24iO3M6MzoiYW5kIjtzOjY6ImFjdGlvbiI7czoxOiI1IjtzOjY6ImZvbGRlciI7czo1OiJWaXJ1cyI7fQ%3D%3DEND_SIEVE_RULE if header :is "X-Virus-Infected" "Virus Detected!" { fileinto "Virus"; } #START_SIEVE_RULEYTo1OntzOjQ6ImNvbmQiO2E6MTp7aTowO2E6NTp7czo0OiJraW5kIjtzOjc6Im1lc3NhZ2UiO3M6NDoidHlwZSI7czo2OiJoZWFkZXIiO3M6NjoiaGVhZGVyIjtzOjExOiJYLVNwYW0tRmxhZyI7czo5OiJtYXRjaHR5cGUiO3M6MjoiaXMiO3M6MTE6ImhlYWRlcm1hdGNoIjtzOjM6IllFUyI7fX1zOjQ6InR5cGUiO3M6MToiMSI7czo5OiJjb25kaXRpb24iO3M6MzoiYW5kIjtzOjY6ImFjdGlvbiI7czoxOiI1IjtzOjY6ImZvbGRlciI7czo0OiJTcGFtIjt9END_SIEVE_RULE if header :is "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" { fileinto "Spam"; } #START_SIEVE_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_SIEVE_RULE if allof ( currentdate :is "date" "2010-05-10", currentdate :is ) { vacation :days 7 :addresses michiel@fyn.nl? :subject "test" text: This is an automated reply; I am away and will not be able to reply to you immediately.I will get back to you as soon as I return. . ;

#267 Datepicker not working Frontend / UI 1.9.10 defect 04/09/10

Normal operations are working (sliders for folder selection etc), but no datepicker is shown (and errors are given by firebug).

This is true for 1.9.9 and svn.

Event.observe is not a function http://webmail-squirrelmail.domain.nl/plugins/avelsieve/javascripts/avelsieve_edit.js Line 196

Hash is not defined http://webmail-squirrelmail.domain.nl/plugins/avelsieve/javascripts/prototype-base-extensions.js Line 1

Class is not defined http://webmail-squirrelmail.domain.nl/plugins/avelsieve/javascripts/prototype-date-extensions.js Line 1

Class is not defined http://webmail-squirrelmail.domain.nl/plugins/avelsieve/javascripts/datepicker.js Line 17

#275 SVN r851 is broken! Main 1.9.10 defect 06/17/12

The basic flow of code in managesieve.lib.php at version 1.9.9 is as follows.

(1) connect and parse server banner storing available auth methods as given by server (1b) parse legacy banner (I'm afraid I have not studied this legacy code) (2) start TLS if needed (3a) if legacy server ask for new banner (3) parse new post-STARTTS server Banner and store auth methods in lower case without clearing storage first (4) compare user provided (probably uppercase) auth method list with stored versions and store fist that matches into auth_in_use (5) Case statement compares auth_in_use to ONLY UPPERCASE options

SVN revision 851 adds 2 strtolower calls that result in the lower casing mentioned in (3) above. Also you can see that only uppercase auth methods can ever result in a match in (5) Also at (3) the auth method storage ($this->capabilities) should really be cleaned up as the new post-TLS banner really should overwrite the pre-TLS banner.

I would argue that IF case insensitivity is desirable (which I doubt) then one should upper-case everything as (5) expects upper case.

As you can see (1) and (1b) store auth methods as given by the server at present... a fixed r851 should uppercase here. (3a) and (3) should clear atleast the previous auth methods from $this->capabilities and possibly clear all of capabilities before parsing the new banner, and when parsing the new banner uppercase the auth methods as storing them.

At (4) the user provided config of wanted auth methods should also be converted to uppercase before being compared to those stored at (1) or (3).

Then at (5) we can be assured that the case statement will be comparing uppercase with uppercase which is at the nub of this issue.

I'm afraid my php is not great else I would write a patch myself, though I seem to be able to read php... so half way there!

This issue is being tracked as debian bug 618569: http://bugs.debian.org/618569

My personal view is that r851 should be reverted as I see little benefit in making this part of avelsieve case insensitive.

Regards Alex Owen

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