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#248 wontfix Support Squirrelmail 1.5-DEVEL tree avel avel

Reported by avel, 14 years ago.


Add proper template hooks in order for avelsieve to work in SM-1.5-DEVEL.

#247 fixed Avelsieve fails to retrieve stored rules from dovecot avel roythompson

Reported by roythompson, 14 years ago.


Avelsieve can store rules in dovecot when using TLS but fails to retrieve them later.

There is a patch for avelsieve on the dovecot wiki which fixes this.

Patch is here.

The dovecot wiki states that this patch fixes a second issue which is that it is impossible to delete the last rule of a script. (I have not confirmed this latter issue).

There is a bug logged in Ubuntu for this as well.

I have applied the patch and can now use avelsieve with dovecot successfully to store and retrieve rules.

#246 invalid Optional SSL in ManageSieve avel jmpocheau

Reported by jmpocheau, 14 years ago.



I am new to avelsieve, so excuse me in advance if my request is not put in the right place.

I have set up a new cyrus mail server (2.3.11) with timsieve. (cyrus sieveshell works fine)

I have also set up squirrelmail which again works fine.

I would like now to set up avelsieve. I have downloaded the last (1.9.7) version, and I am able to create rules, but when I log off and I log in again, I cannot see them. I know they are recorded, since they actually work, and I can see them with sieveshell, but avelsieve displays the same screen as if there was no rule defined.

I have searched why this does not work, including setting debug to 1, without success.

Could you tell me if this is a known issue in avelsieve 1.9.7, or if there is anything wrong with my settings ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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