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#64 Support multiple SIEVE scripts and switching between them. assigned avel task high 1.9.11
#65 Support import / export / backup of Sieve scripts. assigned avel task high 1.9.11
#72 Folder creation does not work while editing an existing rule new avel defect high 1.9.10
#156 Sort out & clean up proxy authorization code new avel defect high 1.9.11
#235 Error Handling to compensate for wrong syntax in Custom rule new avel defect high 1.9.10
#263 NOTE breaks avelsieve new avel defect high 1.9.10
#24 Add support for :count comparator in tests assigned avel task normal _future_
#44 Support SIEVE fileinto for folder which does not even exist (Junk Folder) assigned avel enhancement normal _future_
#74 Respond with mime-encoded files. Support the :mime parameter assigned avel task normal _future_
#161 Warning / Notice for antispam rule new avel defect normal _future_
#227 Editing Junk Folder: Clicking on checkboxes very quickly confuses UI new avel defect normal 1.9.10
#228 Clean up ManageSieve library new avel defect normal 2.0
#230 Support Extension "Copying Without Side Effects" (RFC 3894) new avel task normal _future_
#240 Protect links that delete or modify rules from CSRF attacks new avel enhancement normal 1.9.12
#241 Support include extension new avel task normal _future_
#243 Parse, generate and make use of the XML representation of Sieve new avel task normal 3.0
#249 Making a new folder hides inbox (maildir) new avel defect normal 1.9.10
#250 Support reject and extended reject according to RFC 5429 new avel defect normal 1.9.12
#252 list cannot be used a function name new avel defect normal
#254 Move up / down is an HTTP GET operation and can be triggered by a reload new avel defect normal 1.9.10
#255 Optimize and minify Javascripts and CSS files to improve performance new avel task normal
#256 Vacation: Provide an option not to bother user with vacation / autoresponder notification new avel enhancement normal 1.9.12
#257 Generated Sieve script should have CRLF instead of CR new avel defect normal 1.9.10
#258 Avelsieve Logo new avel task normal _future_
#259 Command Line utilities should not need source files to be edited, to work... new avel defect normal _future_
#260 Implement Sieve Externally Stored Lists Extension new avel task normal 2.0
#261 folder drop-down list order incorrect new avel defect normal
#264 Disabled rules should still have the corresponding Sieve code generated new avel defect normal 1.9.12
#266 Multiple "Curent Date / Time", "Specific Date" selection greyed & error accepted avel defect normal 1.9.10
#267 Datepicker not working accepted avel defect normal 1.9.10
#268 New Sieve-Extensions for Dovecot 1.2 new avel task normal _future_
#271 I need another mail header field : "X-Spam-Level" new avel enhancement normal
#272 Italian localization update new avel enhancement normal 1.9.10
#273 starttls does not work? too many read in managesieve.lib.php? new avel defect normal
#274 reject with kepp does not work new avel defect normal
#275 SVN r851 is broken! accepted avel defect normal 1.9.10
#276 Incorrect comparator operator for most common test new avel defect normal
#277 missing last folder in fileinto dropdown box new avel defect normal
#278 Unable to connect to sieve port new avel defect normal
#279 Custom Sieve Code does not allow vnd.dovecot.pipe etc new avel defect normal
#280 Add more than one condition (AND / OR) doesn't do anything new avel defect normal
#71 Support Sieve spamtest and virustest extensions reopened avel task low _future_
#174 Support sending and receiving of Sieve scripts & rules via email reopened avel enhancement low _future_
#231 Fine-tune TLS connections via stream_context_create() options new avel enhancement low _future_
#242 Build a parser/testing utility for Sieve scripts new avel task low _future_
#244 Support for 'exists' and 'not exists' new avel enhancement low 1.9.10
#3 Apply avelsieve filters after delivery, on demand on IMAP folders assigned avel task lowest _future_
#66 Sieve scripts in shared folders, defined via IMAP Metadata assigned avel task lowest _future_
#68 Standalone avelsieve version that does not depend on Squirrelmail assigned avel task lowest _future_
#70 Support Sieve Extension: Relational Tests, the :count matchtype. assigned avel enhancement lowest _future_
#75 Support Sieve Variables. assigned avel task lowest _future_
#229 Advanced UI new avel task lowest _future_
#232 Sieve Lexical Parser new avel task lowest 3.0
#234 Make use of Auto-Submitted: Header new avel defect lowest _future_
#236 Synchronization between folders mentioned in fileinto rules and actual folders that exist in IMAP tree new avel enhancement lowest _future_
#237 Free-edit select widget for certain operations new avel enhancement lowest _future_
#239 Support Sieve extension for accessing mailbox metadata new avel task lowest _future_
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