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Feature Spotlight: IMAP4Flags Sieve Extension

Avelsieve 1.9.9 introduces setting IMAP message flags and labels as part of its feature set.

Previously, the only option for IMAP message flags was the option "keep a copy in Inbox, marked as deleted", a feature request that was implemented quickly.

However, Avelsieve 1.9.9 properly implements the latest IMAP4Flags Sieve Extension (RFC 5232, ticket #233).

If the "imap4flag" capability is detected via the ManageSieve capabilities response, then a new option "Flag" will be available under "Additional Actions":

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The user has an option to easily set certain flags for the current message that is being processed by the Sieve engine.

The flags are grouped under three categories:

  • Standard message flags. These are common in all IMAP servers and clients.
  • Message "Labels". These are supported by many e-mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Free-form input box for any flags the user wishes to set.

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As always, flags can be seen and searched for quickly in the main rules table screen.

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The custom flags input box is clever, in that it parses the user input properly and does not duplicate any of the flags shown above; it only shows custom flags.

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The generated Sieve script snippet looks like this:

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In addition to this user interface, Avelsieve's Sieve generation backend supports the setflag, addflag and removeflag Sieve actions, as defined in RFC 5232. These actions can be set by a custom rule, will affect the internal variable of the Sieve server engine and in the end will result in a set of flags that will be applied later in a Sieve script.